English Interpreter-guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo


Born and raised in Japan. Lived and attended school in the United States for 3 years as a teenager. Majored in English literature at a university in Tokyo. Over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, including ground service work at Narita International Airport, and VIP Attendant at various international events. Currently working as an interpreter; translator; English speaking guide; and English teacher. Received an English Interpreter-guide national license in 2008.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Love travel, both foreign and domestic
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Attending rock concerts
  • Watching American TV dramas
  • Collecting Goshuin stamps from shrines and temples


Have you ever had the experience of getting lost while traveling and wasting your precious vacation time? Have you ever felt that your guidebook wasn’t giving you the kinds of information that you need to get the most out of sightseeing spots? It will be my pleasure to fill in the blanks about popular destinations and also share my own personal experiences and insights from living in central Tokyo. With my guidance, you can build the kinds of memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.