English Interpreter-guide

Guiding Area: Hiroshima


Born and raised in Hiroshima.
Lived in Melbourne for 5 years and Jakarta for 3 years. Have been involved in various English related work and activities, including teaching English, coordinating English classes, translating, guiding and publishing English community newspaper.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Interested in different cultures
  • Full of curiosity and want to try everything when given the chance
  • Learning tea ceremony
  • Like traveling


During my stay in Melbourne and Jakarta I was helped a lot by people there. So I’d like to pay their kindness forward by guiding and helping visitors from abroad. Hiroshima has two World Heritage Sites, A-bomb Dome and Itukushima Shrine. It provides you with an opportunity to think about world peace as well as feel Japanese culture. Come and join me to explore Hiroshima.