English Interpreter-guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo


Born and raised in Japan. Spent one year as an exchange student at a university in Ottawa, Canada, to study English and French. After graduating from a university in Tokyo, joined Bank Nationale de Paris Tokyo Branch as an assistant dealer. Later started to work as an English speaking guide, an interpreter, a translator in English and French. Acquired the national license of Interpreter guide in English in 2006.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Foreign movies and dramas
  • Likes photography and photoshooting
  • Volleyball, baseball, soccer, and tennis
  • Enjoy gourmet food
  • Amine and Manga (cartoons and comics, my sister is a famous manga artist)


Hi there! Let’s have fun with me! I would like to show you around Tokyo, the historically and culturally intriguing town helping you step into a completely new world!