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Guide Profile - Tomomi SHIMAZU



English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo


A real Tokyoite. Born and raised in Tokyo. Majored in International relations in a university in Tokyo. Has lived in other cultures such as the UK, the US, and Israel. Has been travelling extensively in many parts of the globe. Taught at a public elementary school as an English teacher.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Making sushi at home. Make yourself a sushi chef, which is a lot of fun and easy with some tips. You will learn a lot of Japanese food culture and much more!!
  • Love Singing! Visiting karaoke rooms and other fun sites such as Meido cafe will make your stay exciting further more!
  • Alley strolling, almost like time travelling. Getting-lost- type of feeling in this great big city will give you a new look to this seemingly concrete jungle.
  • Architecture watching. Tokyo is a treasure box of art pieces in the shape of building. You can witness esthetic sense of the Japanese just by strolling along main streets.
  • Temples and shrines hopping. Religions and customs give us deep understanding of the Japanese people's way of life. You will have the insight into the heart of the people.


I feel so lucky to be able to guide Tokyo! Not only its sites but its people are very dynamic. Walking with your own feet is the best way to touch it and feel it. Let me be a part of your adventure in Tokyo. I will try to help you activate all of your five senses.