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Guide Profile - Ryoko TOKIWA



English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo


Born and raised in Kanagawa, and live in Tokyo. After graduating from a college in Tokyo, lived in Australia studying English at an institute of a state university. Worked as a flight attendant in one of the major European airlines. Worked as a secretary to a US manufacturing company's representative in Japan.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Love appreciating fine art, especially one of the Japanese-style arts ; Rimpa school
  • Enjoy visiting shrines and temples, collecting "goshuin", their respective stamps and inscriptions in stamp books
  • Enthusiast in "The Takarazuka Revue ", a Japanese unique theater troupe consisting exclusively of female members


I have visited many cities inside and outside of Japan since I worked for an European airline. I remember every city was impressive and fascinating. Even so, I have to tell you that I still love Tokyo most! Historic sites, classic arts and performances, architecture, beautiful gardens, pop culture, food, shopping and more compose Tokyo!! Tokyo will never bore us. I'd like you to get to know Tokyo at first hand and am really looking forward to showing you around an attractive city, TOKYO.