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Guide Profile - Yumi UEDA



English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo, Greater Tokyo


Have lived in Boston, Birmingham (UK), Beijing (China) and Seoul (South Korea). Acquired Bachelor in Cultural Studies in Tokyo, and MA in Korean studies in Seoul. Worked as a sales and marketing staff at a credit-card company and an advertisement company in Tokyo. After spending 4 years in Seoul, moved back to Japan and have started a career as an English tour guide in 2015. Currently live in Yokohama (a Tokyo suburb) and am a mother of 8-year boy.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Love travelling! Have travelled to 30 countries
  • Passionate about reading, especially novels. Read 10 books a month in average
  • A museum and theater lover
  • Always enjoy meeting people and learning different cultures
  • Yoga is part of my life


Welcome to Japan! Thank you for choosing my country as your travel destination. Arigato! What makes Tokyo attractive and unique is an interesting contrast between the traditional and the modern. I am looking forward to meeting you and showing you around Tokyo. I would love to be very open and flexible to your questions.