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Guide Profile - Nobuko EZAWA

Nobuko EZAWA

Nobuko EZAWA

English Interpreter-Guide

Guiding Area: Tokyo, Greater Tokyo


Born and raised in Tokyo. Live near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. After graduating from a university in Tokyo, worked in a publishing company as a book editor for 23 years. Edited more than 200 books in mystery, essay, love romance, documentary, comics and so on. Acquired the national license of interpreter-guide for English in 2017. Married and have two children, a daughter and a son.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Love pottery making
  • Appreciate Japanese antique artworks including ceramics, lacquerwares, woven fabrics, ukiyoe, and Buddhist statues.
  • Take pleasure in communicating with various people from different cultures.
  • Enjoy travelling domestic and abroad; visited India, Thailand, Dubai, Taiwan, U.S, Australia, England, Spain, Italy, France, Bergen, Greece and so on.
  • Obsessed with Indian curry.


Welcome to Tokyo! Tokyo has a unique co-existence of the traditional and the modern. While Tokyo shows you advanced technologies and cutting-edge cultures including Anime and fashion, Tokyo still has traces of frugal cultures of the Edo Period. Besides, Tokyo is very safe and clean, so you can enjoy strolling in Tokyo even at midnight. Additionally, you can enjoy the view of modern high-rise buildings in the center of Tokyo, while appreciating untouched beautiful nature surrounded by rich greenery and water in the suburbs of Tokyo. I’d like to help you create wonderful memories of Tokyo. See you soon!